I’m 14 and I was having really bad chest pains

Patient: I’m 14 and I was having really bad chest pains sharp pains and I thought I was feeling better but I have pains in my arms armpits and ears and in the back of my head, I took Bayer pills but it didn’t work I took a walk and the bottom of my stomach felt terrible idk what’s going on I’m scared:((

Symptoms: Chest pains, arm pains, head pains, ear pains, stomach pain.

Doctor: Hi.Noted your age to be 14 and having chest pains along with pains in the arms, armpits and other places as explained by you.The most probably cause at your age can be spasms of the neck muscles with referred pains to the other area.This is possible to know only by a clinical evaluation, examination by a Doctor.Till then I would like you to take tablets for anti-inflammatory properties such as Ibuprofen and apply rubefacient liniments.In spite of your age, it is imperative to undergo one cardiac check-up and ECG immediately.Till you are diagnosed and treated, do not do any physical activity that can increase your problems.