Im 15 and at night i keep getting unprovoked erections,

Patient: Im 15 and at night i keep getting unprovoked erections, im kind if a medical nerd and i am sure that i am in tanner stage 3-4, but anyways these erections are much stronger then normal and i get the urge to touch it and when it rubs against the sheets it feels really good is that normal? Is it okay to touch it? What happens?

Symptoms: Erection/arousal

Doctor: Hi.It is good to be a Medical Nerd. Nice to know about this.You are 15 and are now getting unprovoked erections, t his itself indicates that your are going from Tanner III to IV and above. This is a good development you have. Hormones working at its best for the said age in the given social circumstances.Stronger than normal erections, urge to touch, feeling good on rubbing the sheets all indicate absolutely normal development.This is absolutely normal and one day you will find another most pleasurable experience of ejaculation.Yes, if you have any further queries, need explanations or so, you should consult the Counselor only, never ask someone who is equally ignorant or immature. Always seek help of the professional and your life will be always happy.Hope this helps you.