October 17, 2018

Im 15 years old and my boyfriend and i had

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Patient: Im 15 years old and my boyfriend and i had sex last night, he came in me way more than once… the next day (which is today) my stomach hurts when i bend down, i thought i was pregnant before because he came in me 2 weekends ago (2 weeks ago) was i already pregnant or am i in the beginning of pregnancy?

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Hurting of the stomach while bending down is not a specific symptom of pregnancy. Kindl y confirm the pregnancy by a pregnancy test done on missing your expected period or 14 days after the last sexual intercourse. If you are pregnant, wait for 6 weeks and get a scan done to date your pregnancy which can tell you the probable date of conception. You can then know when exactly you conceived. Avoid sexual intercourse for first 8 weeks of pregnancy as it can cause a miscarriage.Hope this helped.Regards

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