I’m 15 years old , I have hypothyroidism I have

Patient: I’m 15 years old , I have hypothyroidism. I have a heart condition I’ve had 4 open heart surgeries , I have scoliosis as well . 6 months ago I stopped getting my period , and they say that the hypothyroid can mess with my periods . Sunday match 29 I got my period . And that weekend me and my boyfriend were being sexually active , I was still a virgin at the time but I got my period . And then on April 3 I lost my virginity . Other times he’s had the tip of his penis in and that’s it cause since I was a virgin it hurt really bad to have him go deeper so he’d just have the tip in and every time we did that he’d always cum in me and I’d never get pregnant , when I lost my virginity he cummed in me a lot as well and he popped my cherry . Is it hard for me to get pregnant ? How much does a man have to cum in a women to get pregnant? I’m trying to get pregnant please help . The conditions I have can that cause it to be hard for me to get pregnant?

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.It is possible to get pregnant with much less sperm that you have. The other factors suc h as antibodies to sperm, anatomy of the uterus can prevent pregnancy. Usually, hypothyroidism has little to do with avoiding pregnancy.To confirm that you are pregnant, please get a pregnancy test done. Get another after 1 week. See a Doctor if you are not pregnant.Hope this helps you. All the best.