Im 15 years old i’m adhd and was put on

Patient: Im 15 years old i’m adhd and was put on Aderall xr since I was 6 years old im still taking it. Over the years I started to have wieght loss, I look like a twig i’m in 10th grade I don’t feel right. This year I barley found out that I was diagnosed with RAD at the age of 3 or 4. I was never told what it was; Throughout my years I knew something was wrong with me but I didn’t know what it was.My side effects that I have taking Aderall xr Long term is:~Weight loss~Memory lossAnd the rest of the effects of me is still unknown~ I’m anti-social, I keep myself isolated.~My heart beat is not normal to me; It beats really fast.~I get deppresed, I’m not self motivated even on Aderall Xr 30mg~Sometimes it feels like my heart is straining, it gets hard to breath sometimes, I assume It’s anixiety. But i’m not for sure.~I use to hate human contact physically like hugging~I don’t like making eye contact~I don’t talk much at school~I feel like i get anixiety or something when im surrounded by people i don’t know~I don’t like asking for help~i keep my anger/depression/etc to myself I brush off feelings and they come back like karma 2x as badTheres alot of other stuff that i cant think ofOh and now I get tired at random during the day, I feel tired and I fall asleep at random I get mad when I wake up because I know the night before I slept good and then all of a sudden I fall asleep??Do you know whats possibly wrong with me?