Im 16 and just got out for school and im

Patient: Im 16 and just got out for school and im becoming a junior next year……last year i had a injurt after i tackled someone….doctors told me it was fluid in my knee and that i needed to stay off it for some weeks witb crutches…i did….so after my swelling went down….after a few months i noticed after cutting grass my knee had swolen again….so after a mri doctors relized i has a peice of cartlige that has broken off loose in my knee…so they have to do surgrey to remove it…..will this affect me later in life or my football career ….Please help me… kinda worried

Symptoms: Swollen knee

Doctor: Hi.Read and understood your history of knee injury and finding broken piece of cartilage.Your Orthopedic Surgeon w ill remove it by arthroscopy and can tell you the prognosis after the whole interior is visualized.So the best idea is to wait till the surgery is done and then only you can know the effect on your life and the football career.Hope this helps.