Im 16 years old and i masturbate alot i would

Patient: Im 16 years old and i masturbate alot i would say about once every day i have been masturbating for about 4-5 years i need to know can masturbating cause me to lose my hair and cause me to stop growing? Also i want to stop anyways cause i dont feel that great after i masturbate any tips on stopping masturbation? Amd thank you for answering my questions in advance

Doctor: Hi.Read and understood your concerns regarding masturbation, hair loss, stop growing and now want to stop masturbating .First of all let us clear some of your misunderstanding and doubts without which this discussion will be fruitless.Masturbation is a very natural process akin to actual sex where almost same pleasure is involved but without actually having a partner. This is a physiological process that everyone goes through.In fact not going through this or similar process can be unnatural and indicate a problem.As you know, anything in excess is not normal and always troublesome.Similar thing has occurred with you. Just doing the masturbation very frequently is not just an act of it but says it all about the mental setup you are in.You have to change the mental process, try to understand the normal process and the normal frequency.Masturbation 1 to 3 times in a week is absolutely normal. You can very well perform this way and be absolutely normal male.Regarding the hair loss and the stunted growth; there are many factors that govern these two and you need to undergo a thorough medical check-up, investigations to see the actual problem.I hope yo read this carefully, again and again and realize that you just need a small alteration in your thought process and you shall be absolutely fine.Feel free to ask further queries, our experts will be happy to assist you more and more.