I’m 16I had sex with my boyfriend last week.

Patient: I’m 16.I had sex with my boyfriend last week. this was my second time having sex. we used a condom but I wasnt a birth control. nothing went wrong with the condom. but when we were done a little later I went to go pee and a few drops of blood came out and when I wipe it was. now when I pee and wipe the blood comes out a brownish color or just a regurlar colour. like I have to wear a pad cuz it just spoting now. could I be pregnant?

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query,If you were involved in protected sex with your partner and post sex noticed spotting per vaginum, then it is definitely not pregnancy but possible cause can be local vaginal abrasions or cervical erosions. These can be confirmed with a per speculum examination by your physician. If you happen to be in mid-cycle, then the bleed may even be an ovulation bleed which can present with light brown discharge with excessive mucous discharge and mild cramps as well. So, to differentiate, a visit to the physician is necessary.I hope I have been able to address your doubts,Wishing you safe sexual practices,Regards