Im 18 years old, Im not pregnant, i have crusty inverted nipples.

Patient: Im 18 years old, Im not pregnant nor have I ever been and I have crusty inverted nipples. Im very embarrassed and I haven’t actually seen a doctor for it. I just wanted to know if theres a way to remove the crust or any solutions

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.Crusts on the nipple can occur due to dryness, improper clean ing, yeast infection etc.In the absence of infection, skin moisturizer creams can help in softening the crusts and in the removal.Ointments like Nipcare can also help.In case of signs of infection like peeling off of skin, discoloration etc, better to consult your doctor and get examined.Some women can have inverted nipples, which can be pulled out manually or with suction cups.In uncorrected cases, plastic surgery may be needed.Hope this helps.Take care.