I’m 20 I’ve been diagnosed with depression, general anxiety

Patient: I’m 20. I’ve been diagnosed with depression, general anxiety disorder, panic disorder and periodical atrial fibrillation (but I get fluttering and skipped beats multiple times daily, electrophysiologist says they can’t prevent that). The AFib is periodical and not constant besides the common fluttering and skipped beats (which increase when I’m anxious or doing something strenuous), if I’m not having an episode no tests show anything wrong, not even an echocardiogram. Every doctor I see says that I’m fine but I feel like something is missing. After I was put on digoxin I haven’t had a real episode in a few years, but yesterday morning I woke up with my heart racing (but seemingly not out of rythym). My pulse was around 180 for around thirty minutes it took to get to the ER. My mouth became really dry and I could not stop shaking violently. My heart rate seemed to slow once there and after an EKG they said it was just running fast (around 120 at that time) but not out of rythym so they gave me a zanex, ran blood tests (which were fine) and sent me home, saying anxiety was the cause. I was fairly calm the rest of the evening but since then I can’t seem to calm down. My pulse is regularly around 120 and my sight feels odd, and slightly light-headed at times. I feel like I’m on the verge of a panic attack but I don’t know if the racing heart is causing the panic or vice versa. Could they be missing something? I am desperate for any answer, as I constantly feel as if I’m about to have a heart problem and I feel odd all over. Every time I tell these things to a doctor, they write it off as anxiety, seemingly without looking into it further and it frustrates me to no end, I just want to find the problem and fix it as soon as I can so I’m not at risk for further, more serious problems. Thank you.

Doctor: Thanks for consulting ATD. It is caused by conduction system disorder of the heart. Anxiety acts as precipitating factor and it can even worsen the situation. Consult a Psychiatrist for the treatment of anxiety. Meanwhile, consult Cardiologist to evaluate etiology of Atrial flutter. Have a nice day.