Im 22 yr old female week ago felt like hair stuck in throat

Patient: Im 22 yr old female.. week ago felt like hair stuck in throat I thought were tonsil stones so I tried getting them out for days …. anyway now there a canker sore looking white thing on far back wall of my throat .. yellowing of top of mouth and flaps by tonsils…. tiny unnoticeable bumps on my lips outside my mouth?

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.It seems that you have developed a throat infection. It could be acute streptococcal ph aryngitis or any other fungal infection which presents in such a fashion. Kindly consult an ENT specialist and get it examined. You will need a course of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medicines.Also, make sure you avoid cold beverages and cold food items. Drink only warm water and try warm saline gargles 3 times a day, which will give you some relief.Hope this helped.Regards