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I’m 67, male, normally active, have been experiencing severe

Patient: I’m 67, male, normally active, have been experiencing severe pain twinges in my left groin radiating down to the outside of my left knee. Pain occurs when I go to lift my left leg. Symptoms have slowly receded over about four months. My doctor tells me to see a physiotherapist. I’m doubtful.



Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.It sounds like a nerve compression or a pinched nerve, since the pain is radiating down.. If it’s slowly receding, it’s a good sign and it will disappear completely soon..However, physiotherapy is indeed a good option, and will help in a quicker recovery.. Is there any pain around the calf region? Or any swelling you can feel anywhere?Feel free to discuss further.



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Patient: No swelling, no pain in calf, some pain on outside of left knee.

Doctor: Yes it does seem like pinched nerve.
You can try a course of Chymoral Forte ( Chymotrypsin ) tablets which will reduce the inflammation and lead to a quicker recovery.

Patient: Why would I get pinched nerve, and why is it taking so long to correct? Could it be a piece of cartilage, swollen pulled muscle? Or could it be more serious? I’ve had very stiff muscles after exercising. Could it be a basic body hydration problem? No cancers in family. It has me baffled.

Doctor: Pinched nerve is notorious and commonly presents with undefined or unexplained pain that radiates down along the course of the nerve.. Yes there could be some muscle related injury too, very hard to diagnose clinically.. We need to observe if you are responding to the anti inflammatory drugs.. Let me know the response and we can decide the next course of management.


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