I’m a 18 year old male I’m about 5’8 170

Patient: I’m a 18 year old male. I’m about 5’8 170 pounds. I have a high blood pressure. On top it’s normally in the 140s-150s. Sometimes it’s in the 130s. My bottom number is in the 80s. My dad has high blood pressure and is on meds to control his. I’m just curious if this is why I have high blood pressure because my dad does? I don’t feel bad or anything, I’m real active… Outside a lot. Is this life threatening to me at age 18? Thanks

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Nice to know your awareness.The bottom number of 80 is fine.The upper numbers of blo od pressure of 130 to 150 is definitely high. Yes, there is always a genetic factor that has a role in deciding your blood pressure.But you are just 18 and should have this in absolutely in the normal range.This is not life threatening at your age. But then you have to get it to the normal levels for your age.As per the calculations your BMI is 25.85 hence you are in the category of Overweight. You should have a Normal BMI weight range for the height: 121.7lbs – 164.4 lbsI feel this will help you to have normal blood pressure. In addition say no to anything with excessive common table salt. Salt restriction plays a great role in maintaining normal blood pressure.And, it is always better to get all your Cardiac check-up once at least from a Cardiologist.I hope this answer helps you.