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Im a 20 year old male who works about 50

Patient: Im a 20 year old male who works about 50 hours a week average as a head chef… My dream job as a child, for the past 2 and a half years ive felt so detatched from life and everything involved in my own, I would say I have one good day out of 7 but always have a feeling that something bad is going to happen around me, I hate not being in control of my thoughts because ive been told im the most genuine guy alot of people have ever met… I got referred to therapy but simply dont have the time, ive also starting losing my passion for the job even though deep down its what I love, I need help and need it fast im sick of this feeling and want to be me again


Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Read your history of getting the dream job, but have now the problem of feeling that some thing bad is going to happen. You are ”hating yourself” for inability to control the thoughts. And the worst part you have started losing your passion for the dream job, even though deep down it is what you love the most.Since you were referred for the therapy once, you should have started it in time otherwise the treatment becomes very difficult over time as the problem is for the last 2 and half years.I would advise you to start the sessions of therapy ASAP.Life comes once only, boss; it is a sheer loss in getting involved into such thoughts.Ans you have all the world in front of you, it is not the only thing of being a chef.Take care, and the good part of this is that you can understand what you are going through.Do not be more late. If needed take the assistance of a Psychiatrist. Talk to your friend and family and the mentors; a simple though of positivity can change your life. It is always the small and trivial things that matter the most and change the direction of the life.I hope this answer helps you.


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