I’m a 20something year old female I’ve had on and

Patient: I’m a 20something year old female. I’ve had on and off itching and discharge down below, meaning on a weekly basis.I’ve been to the gynecologist and every time I get tested for stds and yeast infection my results come back negative. Now I’m experiencing dryness (just in general), and it’s irritating. I have no sexual desire. Could it be a hormonal problem? And for 2 days now only one of my breasts hurt. That has never happened before.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.It looks like you have developed an infection of the vagina. It could be a bacterial o r fungal vaginitis.You will need a course of antibiotics or an antifungal medication for local application and orally. Make sure you maintain sanitary hygeine and use cotton undergarments. Feminine wash with lactic acid helps in reducing the symptoms.As you have already ruled out fungal and other std, the reason could be a estrogen hormone deficiency or an imbalance in the hormones.Kindly see the gynecologist again for a hormonal profile and also a pap smear if not done before. In case of estrogen deficiency,local estrogen creams for application along with hormonal supplements can benefit you.Also get your partner tested for std and avoid unprotected intercourse until the symptoms subside.Drink plenty of water daily and reduce your stress levels.Kindly write back for further clarifications.Hope this was helpful.Regards