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Patient: Im a 24 year old frame and drank alcohol last night and had roughly 5-8 shots (with cola) and was drunk but not so bad as to not know what I was doing. i drank 2.5litres in the space of 4 hours after consuming the alcohol. I am hungover today however unusually vomiting and am worried I have alcohol poisoning.Please help as I have anxiety and it makes me feel worse

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query and an elucidate history.Read and understood what happened and how much you have consumed.Also understood that you have vomiting and hangover and you are suspecting alcohol poisoning.It looks in your case that the vomiting is most probably due to gastritis which in turn is due to irritation of the gastric mucosa.I would advise you the following:Take a PPI like Omeprazole, antcid gel 4- 5 tsf to start with and continue 3tsf every 3 hours.Domperodone is taken only if required.Alcohol poisoning is suspected only if you have additional symptoms of alteration of sensorium, euphoria, social inhibition, vertigo, flushed skin; if you have Amy of these, it is better to consult a Doctor for clinical evaluation, examination, investigations and further management.I hope this answers your query. .

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Patient: Thank you for your answer. I have no other symptoms

Doctor: Thanks for your feedback.
Please take Omeprazole and antacid, cold water, milk or icecream.

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