I’m a 24 year old male 5’5 in height, roughly

Patient: I’m a 24 year old male 5’5 in height, roughly 97lbs with a 15.8 bmi….is this safe and what kind of problems can it cause me if not?

Symptoms: Frequent yellow, watery diarrhea for 3 weeks. Unintentional weight loss. Joint pain. Random numbness in limbs. Restless legs during the night.

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.You are very underweight. Being underweight can cause a lot of problems but I think that you may be suffering from some chronic disease. Also, I do not want to go into all the possible problems but tell you in general that almost any organ system can be affected.Your immune system will be the most weekend in this and you should start working on some therapy to help you gain the weight again. Failing to do so would mean that you have severe infection and even the common cold can be life threatening for you.See a Doctor to figure out why you are losing weight and gt treated. Hope this helps you. All the best.