I’m a 28 yr old female I weigh 176

Patient: I’m a 28 yr old female . I weigh 176 and 4″11 in height. I was diagnose at the ER with SVT . I had an episode of a high HR. So as i was having one , the said I was not having a heart attack but told me I had SVT. I was in my 5 month , going through so much stress , and over weight. I haven’t had another episode for a while I would say…… What I have notice are weird Heart Beats that I can feel them on my throat. So I cough and goes away. I had ekgs, chest x-rays, even they said they did blood work specially for the heart. And I had an ultra sound of the heart in Mexico back in Nov 2014. They all have been normal…… I have notice this symptoms at least 3-4 times a month…. I don’t have HP, or DM, Cholesterol… I don’t exercise. I did have this episode couple weeks ago. While I took my daughter to doc I notice weird sensation on Heart beat I felt a little nauseous, light headed, but went away . Pls help!!!! The doc say it’s not heart related !!!!!!

Doctor: Hello.Welcome to Ask The Doctor. We are here to help you.Since you had SVT, you require consideration of the diagn osis again to rule out cardiac.With chest pain radiating to arm and breathlessness on walking, Cardiac Chest Pain is the most probable diagnosis. However, Acid reflux and Muscular pain needs to be kept in consideration.It is important to differentiate between the all as the treatment course is entirely different.The Muscular chest pain is dull and diffuse and any movement aggravates it. It is usually continuous and not intermittent like Cardiac Chest Pain. Cardiac chest pain is severe and crushing in nature. It increases on activity like walking, exercising. It often radiates to left arm, shoulder and nape of neck.So, first of all you should get an ECG and Chest X-ray done. If the ECG and Chest Xray are normal, the pain is probably Muscular or due to Acid reflux.For acid reflux, i would advise you to take a combination of Pantoprazole and Domperidone once a day.For cardiac evaluation of chest pain an ECHO and Treadmill Test (TMT) are indicated. If any abnormality is found, then an angiography should be performed.Share my opinion with your doctor.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy