I’m a soldier and have to shave but I have ingrown hairs

Patient: I’m a soldier and have to shave but Im unlucky due to the fact I’m prone to ingrown hairs which I can live with, my question is how can I get rid of 2 bumps that developed I believe due to the ingrown hair and I was wondering how I can remove them if I have to get it surgically removed or not and is it costly

I'm a soldier and have to s...-1

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query, elucidate history and the image.Most of the time, such swellings are self-limiting, gett ing infected, ruptured and healed on its own.Occasionally need a small surgery under local anesthesia if not resolving.Solder has to shave daily and as per my knowledge Medical facilities are free of charge for the soldiers in their country whichever they are living.I hope this answers your query.