Im a virgin and have had trouble with warts

Patient: Im a virgin and have had trouble with warts on my hands in the past, I had what looked like 2 warts on the top shaft of my penis, 1 was a little bigger than the other but they were small, I cut out the first/bigger one and I now have a scar I cut it out about 2 weeks ago, how can I get rid of this scar and fast???

Doctor: Hello. Welcome to ask the doctor.Genital warts should always treated by a Doctor. In fact, warts anywhere should no t be cut. There are various treatment modalities available for warts including:1) Chemical cauterisation using Trichloroacetic acid or potassium hydroxide or phenol2 ) Electrocautery or radio frequency3 ) Topical podophyllin4) Topical imiquimodScars on the genital area are very difficult to treat.I will advise you to visit your doctor so that he can examine you and give you a prescription accordingly.I hope it helps.Take care