Im currently in the army and the PA in the

Patient: Im currently in the army and the PA in the army read my MRI results I was wondering if you would be able to tell me how serious or how permanent these results are. My PA in the army told me this was a typical MRI reading. I am age 20. Here are my results. Straightening of the lordotic curvature can be seen in association with muscular spasm although it is non specific finding. the l5-s1 disc is partially desiccated and mildly flattened. it is mildly bulging posteriorly but there is also a well defined focal midline and right paramidline disc protrusion with an annular tear and a small amount of extruded nucleus pulposes that slightly migrates in an inferior direction. the margins of the disc protrusion are abutting the antermdial border of the right s1 nerve root sheath but the nerve root is not compressed or displaced