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I'm Drinking Alcohol Every Night. Is it okay?

Dear Ask The Doctor:
Hello, i am a 35 male who has been drinking 375ml of white bacardi rum every night since i was 21 years old, i drink it every night between 9:30 and 11:30, i drink it because it relaxes me and i am able to sleep better,aside from small hangovers that consist of light head throbbing i don't notice any problem, i enjoy this ritual, can i continue or will i die before i'm 50 if i continue. i exercise 3 times a week and don't go over 375ml.ps. when i said i drink every night i mean every night.


I am confronted with these type of questions daily in my practice.
Some individuals, like yourself, would like to know when they will feel the negative effects of their habits.
Other individuals, support their negative habits by pointing out nothing has happened yet and therefore will never happen in the future.
All I can say is that in medicine we can not predict your future health out come but we can predict what is more probable to happen in you as opposed to someone without your habits. Genetics of course plays a strong role in outcome as well.
The only thing I can say is that there are consequences to not living an active, productive life with moderation of dietary habits.  The consequences of continued high alcohol ingestion is liver cirrhosis and failure. Once liver disease is in an advanced stage, there are no cures and treatments are of limited benefits.

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