I’m facing sudden collapse of legs unknowingly and its diffi

Patient: I’m facing sudden collapse of legs unknowingly and its difficult to get up but with force and support while getting up I feel pain please help me!!

Symptoms: Sudden legs collapse

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query, albeit small.Your giving further details about the duration, initiation, progress, inve stigations, consultation, treatment would have helped me further to assist you.Well, the commonest causes of such an incidence in which one loses over the control of the legs can be :- Some problem at the brain or spinal level.- Generalized problem like diabetes, Typhoid, malaria or any condition like dengue which gives tremendous weakness.I would advise you the following:- I would first do a thorough clinical evaluation, detailed general and Nervous system examination to decide the cause on clinical basis and to get the investigation like CT brain and MRI of the whole spine done.-Also do all the relevant blood tests for the diseases I mentioned above.Once the diagnosis is made to get you treated under the Neurologist’s care and guidance.