Im feeling dizzy and want to vomit after an easy work out why?

Patient: “When I exercise and actually push myself like I did today, it may not havesound like much to you, but during our workout I got this feeling during ourworkout like I was going to throw up or passout and felt an overwhelmingfeeling of heat. It wasn’t during any exercise, it was when I was done andstopped to move to a different exercise. It reminded me of when I wasyounger and started some martial arts classes. It happened to me a coupletimes during those classes and had to sit out. What do you think the reasonis for this to happen? I know I’m not lifting heavy weights and not doingas many sets and not even correctly. Is this due to my diet and lack ofnutrients? Or due to my lack of strength? Lack of cardio? Is this a normalfeeling?” also I feel light-headed or want to faint, usually get blurred vision and feel extreme fatigue. Then I feel sick, which leads to me vomiting,