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Im fresh out of basic training, i was so ready

Patient: Im fresh out of basic training, i was so ready to take on the world until i started worrying about my health. I started having headaches and eye floaters. headaches went away but i still have eye floaters while im outside. I started feeling as if something was stuck in my throat lasted a few days then went away and hasn’t came back. I them noticed enlarged cappilaries along my upper left side not veey big just coming from my back. ive always had them on my legs. I noticed blood in stool around undigested corn. I had allot of coffee this past week alot more than ive ecer had. I have no pain anywhere I’m just extremely stressed and worry. My life was finally looking better and ive feel into this depression because i can’t have any fun because of worrying. I had blood test team but all was normal.



Symptoms: Headaches eye floaters



Doctor: Welcome to Ask The Doctor.We are here to help you on this medical health advice platform.I would keep here a high possibility of Vitreous Hemorrhage. Vitreous is a compartment of eye and hemorrhage can occur there due to very high Blood Pressure or due to a jerk during the workout.There is also a possibility of Posterior Circulation Stroke, where you can have the visual disturbances, headache and swallowing difficulties and a lot many a times is associated with Vertigo and Vomiting’s.In my opinion, you should go to ER for an evaluation. They will get your eyes checked and if there is any evidence of Viterous hemorrhage and swelling over the fundus (papilloedema), they will post you immediately for MRI Brain, which will rule out stroke.Also, it is important to get the BP checked, as the high BP can also cause these symptoms.Blood in stools seems to be from unrelated issues and you would require stool examination and colonoscopy if the problem persists. As far as visible veins are concerned, they are normal.So, you should not wait for any other symptom and visit ER, share my opinion with them, they will agree to it and will examine and investigate you accordingly.I hope it helps. If you have any further query, please ask me.Stay Healthy.

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Patient: I have boarderline high blood pressure for my age I went to the ER and they said all looked normal. The headaches come and go usually when im thinking about if I’m out with friends I don’t have a headache. I’m on a navy base so it not easy too see a doctor or go to the ER. I just don’t want my career to end so soon or worse die before I can see my family again.

Doctor: I suppose you should visit ER again and discuss my opinion about vitreous hemorrhage.
Good luck.


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