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Im going to just break this down very cut and

Patient: Im going to just break this down very cut and dry as there is a long term history of events.Back in july, hyperextended my knee. Went to er xrays were negative. Next day extreme calf aching when walking. Back to er for dvt testing. Ultrasound and ddimer negative. Week later pain persited with swelling on calf and shin as well as hematoma on shin developed. Back to er did follow up ultrasound also negative.Went to orthopedic surgeon a couple weeks later he tells me i sprained my mcl and just needed rest. During these 3 months of recovery i saw several doctors due to scare of still having dvt. None were concerned since tests were negative. After a few months leg got better no pain aching etc. slight swelling still appeared but only 1-2cm bigger than other calf. After 4 months i decided to start excersizing so i got a bike. Havent ridden bike in over 10 years and i am obese at 360lbs 5’9 so its not an easy task for me. After a couple weeks of biking leg started having a deep aching in shin, calf, thigh, groin and sometimes lower back and upper buttocks. Went back to er for dvt scare again. They did a cat scan and found 2 herniated discs L4 L5 also some isse with S1. Since then i have been to 4 different orthopedics, finally found one i liked. Sent me to do excersizes and physical therapy. Symptoms have reduced immensly in the last 2 months. The main symptom i have had this whole time since day one has been a spot on my leg on the side of my calf that is about 2 inches that buldges out when i flex. This spot gets hot to touch after walking or standing for a couple minutes. At rest its completely cool and normal also no buldge only when flexing. There is no pain when i press it, it also isnt hard its the same as the spots around it. Im not sure if i always had this and just became aware of it since i had my accident. Either way i have had 4 total ultrasounds since last july and 1 ddimer all of which came back negative and during this whole time always had the hit to touch buldge spot. The last ultrasound the tech even ran the scanner on that specific spot and told me it was not venous not to worry.My main question is what could this be? It has been on the back if my mind for over a year and i catch myself continously checking for the heat after walking and comparing to the other calf. The kther calf sometimes also feels warm to touch after walking or standing which puts my mind at ease temporarily. I would just like an answer. Seen over 8 doctors in the last year and have brought this up to all of them, none could answer and none were concerned.



Doctor: HelloThank you for posting your query on ATD.I have gone through your query and understand your concern. It may be muscle contusion and pull. It pain on overexertion. Treatment of it is rest and analgesic such as ibuprofen for pain Relief if it is painful . After vigorous exercises some swelling and heat at muscles is normal due to overexertion. It requires rest and analgesic such as ibuprofen if there is pain.You are not likely to be having vein thrombosis ( clot) as you have so many times doctor excluded this. So no need to worry. During pain period ( whenever you have pain) calf MRI can give a clue about it. Hope your query get answered.Wishing you a good health.Take care.



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Patient: No there is no pain juat heat on excersize / walking. I explained this. So is it safe to rule out Dvt? Keep in mind i have had this symptom for almost 1 year now, a muscle contusion canlast that long? Also i have tattoos on the affected leg and the buldge is right by an rea the tattoo artist went deep. I just noticed. Could this be scar tissue? Would that get warm to touch?

Doctor: Hi
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Heat is normally generated in muscles during Excercises so that heat may be felt by you. There seems to be nothing abnormal in it however it is safer to rule out deep vein thrombosis. Scar tissue can be felt as bulge but can not be cause of warmth. Warmth can be due to heat generated by muscles during excercises.
Wishing you a good health.
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Patient: Could I have a second doctors opinion please, maybe someone domestic. Because you arent giving me a clear answer. Thank you!

Doctor: Hi
I think MRI of effected calf will show the pathology including deep vein thrombosis. So doubts can be cleared by MRI of effected calf.
Wishing you a good health


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