I’m having a shooting pain up the back of my

Patient: I’m having a shooting pain up the back of my head that comes and goes i have been dealing with it for months. It feels like a lighting strike that goes up the back of my head…i need relief.

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for your history.It says that you have pain up the back of the head that goes up the head. It comes and goes, there is a lighting strike.The history is classical of a nerve entrapment syndrome, wherein the spasm of the neck muscles get the nerve to get excited and cause the classical neuralgia.There are following ways to get a relief:1. Medical management by muscle relaxants, strong anti-inflammatory and local rubrafacient liniment.2. Medicines for neuralgia like gabapentin and so on3. Surgical release of the nervesYou may please consult a Neurosurgeon or so and get a clinical evaluation and treatment.I hope this answer helps you.