I’m having headaches, itchy eyes and weakness. Is this typhoid fever?

Patient: I have typhoid fever and my insurance is yet to come. My headache is getting worse, eyes itching, weakness, anything i eat tastes bitter which has stopped me from taking anything. Is there any thing i can take to make me feel better before my insurance comes.

Doctor: May I know how you found out you are having typhoid fever? Typhoid fever is usually diagnosed after 1 week of having fever and several tests may be necessary to confirm it. Headaches and weakness are common symptoms but eye itchiness is very unlikely. If you are having fever for more than 3 days, then you should see a doctor because blood tests may be necessary. I think what you have are symptoms of a non-specific viral infection and its symptoms will resolve on its own; some in a few days, in others it can last up to a few weeks. If you are sure you are having typhoid fever, you should definitely see a doctor as soon as possible because antibiotics should be started. If what you are having is a non-specific viral illness, rest and increasing fluid intake will help alleviate symptoms. I do hope I have answered your question and take care always.