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Patient: IMPORTANT! Alright well I only now just started noticing this.. for a while ive been having some abdominal pain I got it checked of course but I just shrugged it off because the pain had recently stopped. My sleeping scheduel got very odd because every morning I continiously kept waking up at 6am no matter how early or late I went to sleep.. now I find myself sleeping for hours apon hours and sometimes I just cant sleep at all, One more problem to add to that is that im always hungry like starving but for some reason whenever I eat I have a sickly feeling and have to stop.. I feel completly empty but when I try to eat anything at all I have naseua.. my question is.. Got any advice? Do you know whats wrong with me?

Doctor: It is difficult to point a finger at the cause of your abdominal pain and being constantly hungry. Though gastritis and colitis may cause symptoms of pain, they do not explain your symptoms of hunger. You may need to see your doctor to rule out anorexia. This is common in your age group and may present with eating peculiarities with overeating being present in the early stages. Severe calorie restriction has dire physical effects and results in mood swings, tiredness, dizziness, bloating sensation and abdominal pains. Deciding to get help for anorexia is not an easy choice to make and you seek the help of family and your school counsellor.

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Dr. Jimmy Obaji M.D.

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