Im just going to give some info about me, history

Patient : Im just going to give some info about me, history and all that to help. You can skip if you want, just providing family history and details about me for reference, just so that its there (: Info about me to help: Hi, I am a 16 year old female. I live in a home with 3 cats (bengal, seal-pointe siamese and an orange farm kitty) and 1 dog (brindle boxer, used to be a show dog and now she's fat hehe). My family is a family of 5. 2 parents, 2 siblings. I am the eldest. Our home is approximately 40ish years old, 35 at the least. My room in the basement (I recently had to move up. Definitely since February 2015.. I can't remember exactly when I moved back up) had black old growing near the bottom of the walls. not a whole lot, just a little bit on one wall. So I had to move up. I live on a farm, i used to eat dirt from the quonset when i was little. I am fair skinned, pale, I burn SUPER easily in the sun and don't tan. I also don't wear sunscreen but when I do it doesn't help much so I don't bother. I burn constantly, and its patchy. under my knees is still white, in circles. I get raccoon eyes but white, its patchy and embarrassing. I am about 146lbs, I was down to 135lbs but I started eating gluten again. I was 158lbs. I have blue eyes that change colour, light blue, to a grey-blue, and a turquoise and green colour. They change pattern too depending on the colour. I am not sexually active. I have never had sex. I have travelled to mexico 3 times, cancun once and 6 hours south of san diego twice. I have travelled to Hawaii once. (: Family history: Mums side: My grandmother has hypothyroidism. And a whole bunch of other stuff that is probably related to her being a hypochondriac. My grandfather was a really healthy guy up until about a month ago. His white blood cell count dropped dramatically and they have to wait until September for an appointment. My aunt had a rare type of breast cancer a few years ago. I don't know a lot, just that she had both beats removed and it was a really weird and rare type that boggled doctors minds. My mum has had depression ever since i was 4 years old i think. around there. she was on effexor and went off about 2 years ago. it sucked. She has muscle problems, and constantly complains of pain. She also ALWAYS says "Im gonna die. I just know it!" I think she might be a hypochondriac too. Dads side: My opa (grandfather) has had so many health problems i can't keep track. I do believe he had cancer back in his late 20s... I could be wrong. I don't know what type. A few years ago, when I was 8-10 ish, around there, he had to have a vascular surgery of some sort on his foot. The doctors made a mistake in surgery and caused a lot of complications i do believe. he has been in and out of the hospital for so long. He has had blockages in his intestines and has survived SO much. its kind of crazy. My oma (grandmother) is pretty healthy. she had to go to the hospital once for a few days because she passed out once... I can't remember what happened. They both have more problems, diabetes for both, type 1. My dad has type 2 diabetes. My dads sister has anorexia. She doesn't let it get so bad that she has to be hospitalized, but bad enough that she is a twig and constantly complains of being fat to everyone. Constantly. She works off everything she eats, even if it means ignoring family. She always eats healthy. To the extreme. My dad has also suffered from depression. My siblings are pretty healthy. younger brother is 12 and sister is 14. Allergies: Food: I had a food allergy/sensitivity blood test done at a naturopath. I was pretty high on the scale (normal-low-medium-high) for diary, wheat and eggs. I was low-medium for bananas, cranberries, pineapple and peanuts. I went without having any of that for like 3-4 months, lost 10-20lbs and then started eating it again and gained 5-10ish lbs. I have not been tested for celiac. I don't eat eggs much at all anymore. I used to all the time. I only have them if its in brownies. I don't eat pineapples, peanuts or cranberries. Its mostly just wheat and diary that I eat and drink. Medicine: I so far have only had allergic reactions to 2 types of medicine. I went to the doctor once and asked to be tested for allergies but he never tested me. I had a bad allergic reaction to Ratio-Aclavulanate (amoxicillin - clavulanic acid i do believe) I was given that because of a bad lung sounds and something showed on my chest x-ray. I had an awful, painful blistering rash on my stomach. Not too big, but not small. I stopped the medication after 2-4 days. I didn't go back to the doctor because my mum didn't want to take me back. I also had a bad reaction to Apo-Sulfatrim given to me for a UTI that i had let go on for too long and it spread to my kidneys. I got awfully itchy EVERYWHERE. I also got bright red. Itchy in my vagina area too. When I say everywhere I mean EVERYWHERE. I was also really hot. What I have been tested for: I have had 3 blood tests for hypothyroidism (1 at the clinic, 1 at the hospital and 1 at the naturopath), all which were negative. Creatinine which was normal, Random glucose which was normal, and my food allergy blood tests. I don't remember what else Ive been tested for but its all been normal. I tested low on iron and B12. I was on iron and B12 and stopped. No explanation, just stopped taking them. Symptoms (including new, old, reoccurring and constant, Ill state which is which): Physical: -I almost always feeling like I can't get enough air. Im always yawning to help feel like I can get enough air. This has been for as long as I can remember. I was being tested for asthma, but Im not consistent with tests. And the puffers they gave me didn't really help much. -I have recently noticed chest pain when laughing or breathing in deep or out. A tightness. This has been going on for a month or two. -I also experience bad chest pain and tightness after exercise. This has been going on for as long as I can remember. It takes awhile to dissipate. -After exercise I get dry mouth and my chest feels really dry and achy. It hurts to breathe in it feels so dry, almost as if I can feel the air travelling to my lungs and burning every inch of the way. Needless to say; it hurts. This has been going on for a long time too. And still is. -I have had a runny nose for at LEAST the past 5 months. It won't go away. Its annoying and embarrassing. -I have had extremely dry lips for the past 2 months, I pick at them because if lips could be suffocated thats what it feels like and picking them helps relieve it for a little bit at least. It looks like crinkled, clear paper. Chapstick doesn't help either. -I have a little patch of dry skin on my chest, that dip between collar bones is where it is. its small, dry, bumpy and itchy. It comes and goes. It has been there for a while. over the past 4 months for sure -I wheeze a lot. After activity, just sitting, doing light stuff, it comes and goes too, sometimes unpredictable when. -My arms turn purple. Not all purple but purple, red and pink patchy colours. Especially when Im cold. Its weird and embarrassing. This has been like this for so many years. -I am always cold. Almost always. I was in san diego with my dad, it was 27 i think, we were in the car, windows down and I was cold so I had the heat blasting. I turn the heat up to 25 in my house on a normal, +20 day and I'm just right. Im too cold at 20-21 degrees (celcius, I'm canadian) in the house and my family is either too hot to just right. I am comfortable in a hoodie and jeans most days, even in the summer. I do get hot as my family seems to think is impossible but I do. Not often though. And it takes a lot to make me hot. -I have had 3 styes in under 1 month. I got my first stye on the break, which hurt so bad, on my left eye, bottom eyelid. The next one occurred 1 week later left eye upper eyelid and I have another one 1-2 weeks later, right eye bottom eyelid. It sucks. -My hips hurt so much. They hurt to move in odd directions, they hurt after sitting, especially cross legged, they hurt getting out of a desk. They hurt walking. My doctor said to take anti-inflammatories 4 times a day for 3 days, I did and it still hurt. -My hair is falling out. It started falling out really bad in september/october...? I think, september/october 2014. It was AWFUL. My hair thinned SO much. It isn't falling out as bad anymore, but it is still falling out. And also my hair grows SO slow. All I want is long hair and its barley grown 2 inches over the last 2 years. Of course Ive had trims, but very few and I make it very clear they don't cut off much, if any at all. -I get winded going up and down the stairs. -I get short of breath and hyperventilate after running exercise. Depending on the speed, if its fast (like the beep test) Im short of breath and hyperventilate. If its just normal, not pushing the boundaries, its just short of breath and chest pain. -I bruise easily. And I get bruises for no reason at all. I mean, i get bruises if my sibling kick me, but thats not often at all. I will look at my legs and I have bruises. I don't know what from. Sometimes i have a lot and sometimes its just a few. and other times none. I don't hit myself on my legs so the bruises are unexplained. -I am always so tired. It takes so much for me to get out of bed. and to go through the day. I can't even put makeup on because I'm so tired and I'm really insecure so it makes it worse and later in the day I regret it. But I am so so tired... -I feel like I have an overactive bladder. I ALWAYS have to go pee, and 60% of the time when i try to go its a little trickle or nothing. And my urthera feels inflamed. It hurts, but not as bad as some people say, it feels almost good, but then throbs and pulsates and hurts. And I can't get off the toilet because as soon as I get off I feel like I have to go again. I cry sometimes its so much. It takes about 10-30 minutes after urinating to feel like I don't have to urinate again. I sometimes get cramps or a sore feeling by my kidneys. (I know where that is because I had an awful kidney infection. So bad I was in the fetal position bawling, in such bad pain when my mum found me, so I know where the pain is; my kidneys) I feel like the infection never fully went away because I didn't finish my meds. -My eye doctor says that my pupils are extra big, and many people have told me that too. I also have a drooping eyelid on my left eye. Not because of the stye, its gone in that spot now and the drooping eyelid has been there for awhile, I started to notice 3 months or so ago. -My face is always red. When people look at me, when I'm embarrassed, when I'm not, when I talk to people, just in any situation and its so awful. -I do stutter sometimes, so fast, and not a lot. But i do stutter. and I think I slur, I haven't asked many people, Ive asked my mum and she denies it of course, knowing that it would make me feel bad about myself. But I feel like my speech isn't 100%. It hasn't always been like this. -I do have trouble losing weight besides the gluten free thing. My diet isn't necessarily the healthiest but its also not awful. and it is healthy sometimes. I go through random healthy motivation periods lol -I have random muscle twitches sometimes. -I have had a wart on my right big toe for YEARS. I remember when I was little my mother trying to treat it with a freeze off thing. I tried again, it hurts too much. It hasn't gone away and has 2 other small ones next to it. -My nails grow like a weed but my hair grows as slow as the slowest sloth moves. Mental: -I was severely depressed and suicidal near the end of 2013 and early 2014. I went to mexico and my parents found out I cut myself while I was gone. and In a way I forced myself to get better for them. I got happier april mayish. I have good days and good weeks, where I feel good for certain amounts of time, and then Ill be down and bad again. I have relapsed and cut myself again a few times since then. with months in-between. I feel super depressed some days, maybe even a little suicidal. But there are things that trigger it. Mainly my family. -I am EXTREMELY irritable. I get mad over the simplest of things. Especially at my brother who pushes it too much. My mum always gets mad at me because of it. I am just so easily annoyed. I can't help it. -I cry when Im frustrated. -I am OVERLY sensitive. -I get attached -I feel like I need attention. Not within my family, I do anything to get no attention from them, but from my peers. Maybe its because I'm the oldest and I feel like I didn't get any attention but I like attention. Im not the loud attention-seeker, Im shy so I look for it in subtle, almost unnoticeable ways, mainly by talking about my depression to get sympathy. I HATE myself for it just so you know. I can't help it. At all. Its uncontrollable. I hate myself so much because of it... I wasn't like this at all before the depression. Then after I just felt like I needed it; like I was desperate. So its like something clicked in my brain after the depression and I felt like I needed attention. Like, I dream about Dr. House being real and not liking most people but taking a liking to me. there is something so wrong with me. -I have awful an awful self image. So bad. I struggle with body image and hating my appearance. -Sometimes I feel like I'm not real. Like Im floating and this is all a trick. Almost like an out of body experience (my mum says she has those) but not, like half out, I see out of my eyes but I feel taller. Like my eyes were lifted 1.5-2 feet above my head. I feel like nothing is real. -Sometimes when I watch movies, mainly space movies; outer space, I feel weird to be alive. Im done watching them and I feel weird and question SO much. (I am a christian.) It feels weird and makes me not want to be alive. -Sometimes I question life deeply and then feel weird. I feel like God isn't real (if you're not a christian please don't judge and make snarky comments, I don't need those) but he is. And then I feel a fear for heaven, which is supposed to be perfect, but its forever. eternity. How will that be? What if I don't like it? Which I will because God made it perfect. But, yeah. You get it. Then I fear death but want to die so badly because I hate feeling this and not feeling normal. -I have awful social anxiety and am extremely socially awkward. Please help me... please please help me. I just listed most of the stuff that has came to me off the top of my head. Im too embarrassed to tell my normal physician all this mental stuff because of my family. and my mum is always in the room with me so I don't want to mention it in-front of her. And how do you tell your family MD of 20 years all this, when he only knows about half. Could some condition be causing all of this? Please just help me know so I can stop feeling this way. And I'm hoping to go to my doctor tomorrow for the urination thing. i just don't know how to bring everything up to him after years of hiding it all. So please help me... I want to stop battling with myself. Email me for any questions at all. Please just help me.
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