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I’m just looking for info on some lab results Below

Patient: I’m just looking for info on some lab results. Below low ferratin levels. Low mcv,mch,mchc and high rdw levels mean.



Doctor: HelloThanks for writing to usI have read your question and can understand your situationLow ferritin, MCV , MCH C and High RDW indicates most likely iron deficiency anemia.It is important to have clinical picture/ symptoms to rule out other differentials like vitamin c deficiency, hemolytic anemia, transfusions and folic acid anemia,Treatment involves iron supplements , vitamin C supplements and treating the cause .Hope this helpsFeel free to write backRegards



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Patient: That’s my issue what could be the cause?

Doctor: hello,
Thanks for writing back.
The diagnosis of above lab report can only be made on clinical correlation based on history and physical examination. However the differential causes can be:
1) Blood loss : ulcer, polyp, heavy menstruation, gastric bleed, use of NSAIDS
2)Lack of iron in diet
3)inability to absorb iron in diet
5) copper and folate deficiency
6) hemolysis
The actual causes may differ from person to person and can only be found out depending on clinical picture of patient.It is advisable for you to see your doctor who may evaluate your history and do physical examination to detect the cause.
Hope this helps
feel free to write back


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