I`m late, i barely bleed

Patient: ( I apologize for my English ) Hi, i haven’t had my periods for a bout 6 months. I’m never on time but usually it plays up to two months late in my worst! I haven’t had this problem in a year. usually just 1 to 2 weeks late in my period lately in the past year. I took a pregnancy test in the first month of being late and it was negative. Then i took one about a month ago and it was negative. I look for the symptoms of pregnancy and i have a lot of them. not jumping to conclusion… Yesterday I failed pretty hard on the ground because of the icy roads. I started not to feel good. Then i go to the bathroom, there is a bit of blood. Then i am like > During the night i check and i haven’t bleed barely…. it’s all over no periods. So what is the possibility of what is happening with me? Should i go get check? is there a chance of pregnancy? (i’m 22 years old) and yes me and my husband is trying for a baby. Thanks you for you time please I just want to know what is the possibilities of what could be Happening to me?

Symptoms: Tired, dizzy,

Doctor: Hello,It appears from the history that you have had delayed menses since long and have not been evaluated for oligome norrhoea. There are high possibilities that you may be suffering from PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome which is a syndrome of oligomenorrhoea, hyperandrogenism (increased hair growth over the body) and polycystic ovaries on ultrasound pelvis.If the pregnancy is ruled out already, then you must visit your physician for a complete per speculum and bimanual examination, along with hormonal profile and ultrasound to look for any hormonal deficiencies and PCOS. Also, weight is an important factor which needs to be reduced as it increases insulin resistance and decreases chances of ovulation.There is likelihood that you may be placed on low dose oc pills fr a period of 3-6 months to regularize your cycles treat PCOS symptoms as well, else if you are eager to conceive then you may be given an option of ovulation induction.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards