Im not fully grown and my body is very small.

Patient: Hi Im sajani, Im 23 years old, 4.11″ tall female and concerning about my body so much. I know I cannot get taller anymore since my epiphyseal plates has fused. But my body size does not match to my age and I look very small. Even my hips has not widen. Once I checked with my family doctor she said ( according to reports)that I have hormone imbalance issue.Has this effected my growth at puberty?. If this is the issue, does balancing hormones and getting some sort of hormone treatments will enhance my growth ( such as growth hormone)?

Symptoms: Small body

Doctor: Hello. Welcome to Ask The Doctor.The fact of life is that you can’t increase height after achieving puberty. Growth ho rmone supplement won’t affect you now.However you should get your thyroid function test done.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy.