I’m not sure why my breathing is suddenly problematic, could it be a lung or throat infection from quitting smoking and/or acid reflux?

Patient: Hi, I’m having problems with my breathing and I was wondering if you could help me figure out why. My symptoms seemed to come out of nowhere, but after gathering opinions, I think it could be because I just quit smoking. I used to smoke weed, and I was smoking nearly everyday for a year straight. Right around the year mark was when I quit, because I was having a lot of panic attacks and thought the smoking could have been causing them. Now, since quitting, I have a chronic cough and it feels like something is always stuck in my throat which concerns me a lot, because I think it could interfere with my breathing and possibly kill me. I’m also showing symptoms of acid reflux or GERD, as I’ve been spitting up undigested food and stomach acid for at least two to three weeks now. Could this possibly affect my breathing? Is it possible I could have attained a throat infection because of all the bile coming back up my esophagus? Or do you think it could be my lungs trying to heal themselves from smoking? My cough is really bad sometimes and it sounds very hoarse. I’m very worried, I’m only 18 and I’m so scared for my health. I can’t sleep until late at night because I’m always worried that my breathing might stop or be interrupted while I’m asleep. Could you help me understand what might have caused this?

Symptoms: coughing, acid reflux, phlegmy coughs, chronic coughing, chest pain