I’m on antibiotics for my urine infection now for 4

Patient: I’m on antibiotics for my urine infection now for 4 days. which I tried for several weeks to cure with natural medicines, but it wouldn’t completely get healed.we had wanted to get pregnant in my upcoming ovulation, which is now anywhere from 1-4 days, but since I’m on antibiotics and the infection isn’t 100% gone yet we don’t know if it’s safe and ok to go without birth control trying to get pregnant. Or if getting pregnant will keep the infection from getting better or make the infection come back worse if it hasn’t totally healed up?

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.If you complete the antibiotics before ovulation they may n ot affect the conception and pregnancy.So, you can continue the treatment.Usually completing the course of antibiotics can help in curing the infection.Once urinary tract infection is cured, you may not have problem in continuation of pregnancy.If symptoms persist even after completion of antibiotics, please check for urine microscopy and urine culture and sensitivity to rule out persistence of infection.Take care.