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Im on levoflaxin for throat infection I wanna make a

Patient: Im on levoflaxin for throat infection. I wanna make a urine pcr 7 std test and also urine culture test to see if u have std or any other infection. Can i do that?



Doctor: HelloThanks for the queryI understand you want to undergo STD testing while on antibiotics. I can certainly help you with that.You can undergo testing for STD while on Levoflox, however, urine culture might be negative as you are already on antibiotics. Levoflox will not alter the results for most STD infectionsI hope I was of help, if you have any further queries please get back to meRegards



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Patient: Thank you. So I’m nother really sure what you mean. Pcr urine test will not give false negative and then go back to positive just because I’m on Levofloxacin. But urine culture for other bacteria might show negative but then become positive if I make the test again when off the antibiotics?

Doctor: Hello
Thanks for getting back with the clarifications. I am sorry for not being clear in my previous post
Let me put it point wise
1. Urine pcr will be falsely elevated when there is an active urinary tract infection
2. Urine culture will be negative when on levoflox, it is advisable to get urine culture done before taking levoflox
3. Other std panel like Hiv, hepatitis, etc will not be altered by antibiotics

Patient: Hi. Ok. Im still not 100% sure what you mean. Short history: I have clear dishcarge from penis since after sex. Got treated for ghonnorea and chlamydia but still have discharge. Now I belive it was some other STD like Mycoplasma or maybe some other kind of urine infection.
1. So what do you mean with “falsely elevated”?
2. So the test I just took was Urine PCR for:
– Chlamydia trachomatis
– Neisseria gonorrhoeae
– Mycoplasma hominis
– Mycoplasma genitalium
– Trichomonas vaginilis
– Ureaplasma parvum
– Ureaplasma urealyticum
Because I now am on levofloxacin for my throat will any of these show negative but im actually positive and then i have to re do the test?

Doctor: Hello again
Urine ‘Pcr’ universally stands for protein creatinine ratio. Which is done to test for nephrotic syndrome. Please get back to me with the full form of pcr, because it obviously means something else here.
Falsely elevated means that there is an erroneous positive result in absence of disease. For example a faulty thermometer showing fever but the patient is actually fine

Patient: Okey. Let me ask you this last question instead. Could you refer me to a source showing the chances of getting a STI after reciving oral sex as a man?

Doctor: Hi
This is a link which I think would be most useful to you


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