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I’m on my second cold in a month Very plugged

Patient: I’m on my second cold in a month. Very plugged nose especially in bed – lots of blowing & coughing – sometimesa low grade fever never above 99.8



Symptoms: Completely plugged nose at night – low grade fever never above
99.8 – constant blowing & coughing



Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query, albeit short and specific.Noted the history of cold for the second time in a month, plugge d nose especially in bed – blowing – coughing – low grade fever – on Metoprolol , Hydrochlorthiazid, Atirvastatin and sertralin.As per the history you have provided, if someone get the repeat problems within a short period means this is either the enhancement of the symptoms that were suppressed or re-infection with viral and/or bacterial.You also have low grade fever indicating the same.Please give some more details:- Is the cough productive or dry? If productive, color of the phlegm?- Please mention the treatment/investigations for the existing problem.Your symptoms are suggestive of sinusitis, causing the nasal congestion, postnasal drip causing irritation of the throat and may be rest of the respiratory passages hence the constant coughing. There can be an associated allergic cause as there is thick tenacious secretions allowing allergens to stay and enhance the symptoms.I would advise you the following in such a situation:Decongestant Nasal drops followed by plain water steam inhalation- at least 4 times a day, sometimes gives dramatic results.Oral decongestant/ expectorant.You may need prescription based antibiotic.If these things help, nothing more may be needed , but if no relief, you may need further investigations as per the clinical evaluation, preferably by an ENT Surgeon.I hope, this answer helps you.

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Patient: Cough is productive with thicker not runny light yellow phlegm.
Am taking some Musinex. Thamks

Doctor: Thick light yellow phlegm is suggestive of an infection and an antibiotic will help to resolve earlier; along with other medications as we discussed.


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