I’m only 21 but I have a rash and think I have shingles

Patient: Developed a blistery rash on my left buttock. One night previously I was in so much pain I could not sleep. Rash keeps looking more red, itchy, painful. I am only 21 but this reminds me so much of when my mom had shingles. Could I have it ?!

Symptoms: Blistered rash, itching, tingling face, aching, pain in area

I'm only 21 but I have a ra...-1

Doctor: Hello,This is definitely hepres zoster or shingles and its clear fluid filled blisters with confluent nature and pain classically diagnoses it to be shingles.Please practice isolation and meet your physician to start on anti viral therapy soon to shorten the incubation period and further course of disease. You would require a local application ad an oral medication. Don’t try to scratch or itch as it would spread the fluid and infection. Its infectious so wash your clothes separately in hot water and practice isolation till complete resolution occurs.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards