Patient: I have a fat stumach it hangs out and flops when i run i weight 130 lbs and im 5.2 ft at age 12 and im a girl and how can i gwt rid of my stoumach?

Symptoms: Insercurity

Doctor: HelloThanks for the query.You body mass index is 23.8 which is within the normal limits of BMI. you are not overweig ht.Some people have fat accumulated in certain areas. In women, it is more in the hip, buttocks and some amount of it in the belly as well.You need some toning exercises specific to the stomach along with daily physical activity of 30 minutes. Ab exercises for toning can be learnt from a physical trainer. You will just need to do 50 of them a day in different setting. Running, jogging, cycling and yoga with cardio exercises also work wonders. Make sure you have a healthy diet, reduce your oil intake and avoid junk food. Drink lots of water, up to 3 liters a day and avoid a heavy meal especially at night. Try this for 3 months and you will get positive resultsHope this helpedRegards