I’m pregnant and have a weird discharge?

Patient: I just found out I am pregnant. I believe I’m 8 weeks as of yesterday. I can’t make it to a doctor for at least 2 weeks. I tried to set an appointment earlier but I was told I’m not far enough along. Since then I started to have a lot of oderless thick white discharge . At first I thought it was a yeast infection. Now the discharge has a greenish yellow tint to it. I read it might be trich. What should I do is the harmful to me baby.

Symptoms: Thick discharge, started out white, now has a greenish tint.

Doctor: Hello,If the colour of the discharge is thick curdy white and with a greenish tinge without any odour and itching, th en it has to be investigated with a vaginal smear for culture to isolate the causative organism. It should not be causing an ascending infection into uterus because after pregnancy , the cervical plug is so thick enough to not allow any infection into the uterine cavity and hence pregnancy is safe. You may required to be placed on antifungal pessaries for a week . avoid any intercourse till you are treated completely as you may infect your partner as well.It is likely to be a yeast infection with a bacterial mixed infection as trichomoniasis infection is not so common. You would need to see your physician for a per speculum exam and in the meantime can use vinegar washes to clean your vagina. This should restrict the growth of infection further.I hope i have answered the query,wishing you good health,regards