I’m pregnant and I want to get more info about it

Patient: Im pregant but i want know if embyros can hide behide yolk sac? And if so how LongI have some Lite bleeding but only when im working. I work on an assembly line 8 hours a dayI just wanted to make sure everything is OK could I be miscarry . I took two tests and went to the emergency room for my light bleeding they diagnose me with miscarriage but recommend that I go see a doctor then other doctor said that I could just be hiding it could be just hiding so I’m just trying to find out what’s going on should I see another one or not or just wait it out…………..

Symptoms: Lite spotting but only when im working

Doctor: Hello,It appears that you are in your early pregnancy and have got your pregnancy test just confirmed. I am not sure if you have undergone an ultrasound yet , but any bleeding or spotting in early gestation is termed as threatened abortion unless proven otherwise.You need to visit your physician , firstly for a transvaginal ultrasound to confirm an intrauterine pregnancy and if yes then for the viability of the fetus ( the heart beat of the fetus). You may to be started on progesterones to stop bleeding and long standing hours have to be avoided and bed rest is advised completely till bleeding stops , if heart beat is confirmed .In case there is no heart beat on the ultrasound, then the bleeding you are experiencing is of missed abortion , and the body is trying to abort naturally . In either case , you need to visit your physician soon.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you safe pregnancy,regards