I’m really confused and afraid I’m pregnant on my 5 to 6 weeks

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Patient: I’m really confused and afraid. I’m pregnant on my 5 to 6 weeks and I have PCOS. I didn’t do any type of treatments to get pregnant, it was spontaneous. The only thing I did was to start taking Vitex one week before my ovulation. Now, I’m only going to see a doctor by the end of the month when I’m 8 weeks and one of my main fears in miscarriage. I called the nurse from the clinic and she prescribed me 200mg of progesterone 2x day and my level of progesterone is normal (17,99). I’ve taken the progesterone for a day now. I’m afraid that I don’t need it and it can cause me spotting but at the same time I’m afraid not to take it and regret. What should I do? Is progesterone ok to take when your levels are normal with PCOS?

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.PCOS is a cause of infertility, yes, but as you have already conceived then PCOS canno t cause abortion. However, progesterone support is to allow better placentation in early months of pregnancy and it’s not harmful at all and shall not cause any withdrawal bleed because progesterones are required in pregnancy. Though your progesterone levels are already normal, you may not need 200mg twice a day, but considering it a precious pregnancy, you can take 200mg once at night till 12-14 weeks. the first scan is necessary if the heart beat is established and the growth is fine, then there is actually no need to fear and then you can safely enjoy pregnancy.Hope this helps.

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