I’m really scared about paternity!

Patient: Okay I have been stressing out since I found out I was pregnant. I slept with this guy, a one night stand, on June 29th. Then I started dating another guy the same day! As gross and stupid as it sounds, it was a mistake to sleep with the one night stand. I’ve never done that before.. I have been with the guy I was dating for about 6 months now, and I slept with him many many times. Im almost 24 Weeks pregnant and my due date is April 19th, is there any way that the one night stand guy could be the father? Im really scared and I need someones help, because if my boyfriend isnt, then hes leaving me. Pleaseee help me figure this out :'(

Symptoms: Crying..

Doctor: Hello,The date of conception actually depends on your last menstrual period, your ovulation period, length of safe pe riod, dates of sexual encounter with one night stand and boyfriend.If you had sex with the one night stand partner in your unsafe or fertile period, then there may be chances that he may be the father.A paternity test may be done from the amniotic fluid cells of the fetus where Amniocentesis has to be done under experienced hands. That’s the most practical and confirmative way to derive at paternity.I hope I have answered your query,wishing you good health,Regards,