Im really unsure

Patient: Ok welli have type 1 diabetes my HBA1C is pretty high im 20yrs thinking i may be having a misscarraige or have had one in the past maybe but i got tests done a couple of weeks ago saying i havent lately but the 1wk and 5 days iv been bleeding pretty heavy bladder is weak when i sneeze and cough expcially even just after iv gone to the toilet and EMPTIED. this happens every now and then but not as bad.i spend lots of time in the bathroom and im very self concious and worried all the time. i pee a lot which probably has to do with the high sugars but we are trying to control it better now. diagnosed when i was 83. i have had unprotected sex the last 4 years with two people my boyfriend at the moment sincce 15.7.2011 i didnt think i could get pregnant cause i wasnt pregnant ever. but the last few days iv been feeling real crook in the stomach and was sick yesterday around the lunch to night time i nearly fainted in coles and i was dizzy and had a real bad stab feeling in my head. like a flash migraine for like 30 seconds. it killedi really dont always tired.