Im scared for me and my girlfriend

Patient: Hi, me and my girlfriend (both 17) had sex with a condom 3 days before her period. It ripped, but only contained pre-cum. after a lot of online research, we decided against the morning after pill, as shes taken it before and hated it. We concluded that she wouldnt be pregnant as it was really close to her period, and i’d urinated so there shouldnt be any sperm in the pre-cum. her period is now a day late and we’re really worried. We said it might be down to stress but i just want to reassure myself :(. we’ve agreed that we’re not doing anything sexual again until she’s on the pill or has an IUD fitted. It ripped 4 nights ago, and we cant stop worrying about it :(. its the most horrible feeling in the world. Please, any advice or reassurance at all would be immensly appreciated.

Doctor: Hello, I understand how concerned you are about your partners possible pregnancy. Let me reassure you that if she is sur e about her Menses due date, then you should not worry about pregnancy.At that time of Menstrual Cycle cycle the Ovum might have not been fertile anymore and would probably just be waiting for her body to get rid of it with her period which also carries the Uterine Lining in the Process called Menstruation. However she has to be very sure about her Last Menstrual period date to use the Calendar Method.I would definitely recommend you that In the future, if she wants to avoid unwanted pregnancies she might want to consult your primary care physician for more information on contraceptive methods and the best choice for you. I wish you the best.