I’m sick all the time.

Patient: So I’ve been sick pretty much three months straightFirst I had bronchitis and laryngitis than I had strep throat. I’ve had a sore throat and really stuffed sinuses like everyday. I went to the hospital 4 days ago and the doctor tool my blood and said I have a really bad infection so he gave me the same medicine I was on for my strap throat ” amox clav” it’s day 4 of my antibiotics and I don’t feel better at all. I wad wondering am I able to take claritin allergy medication at the same time? Also my right tonsil has been swollen for 3 months and keeps getting infected… my throat hurts so bad and I can’t breathe out of my nose.

Symptoms: Coughing, sneezing. Really congestion sinuses. Tired all the time . Itchy watery eyes. Diahrea I can’t even breathe out of my nose.

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for posting your query to ATD.Usually, infection runs from the throat to larynx to bronchus.The p roblem you have stated is suggestive of upper respiratory infection.The cause of sore throat most of the time is due to allergy and viral infection, it may sometimes get superadded with bacterial infection.You have likely contracted a bacterial throat infection called pharyngitis with tonsillitis.As we are not certain as to what type of bacteria is causing this so we recommend that you have your doctor take a swabbing sample from the back of your throat for laboratory testing.You will likely be prescribed drug sensitive oral antibiotic medication to treat this infection.Discuss with your doctor about prescribing you decongestants, painkillers and nasal drops.Oral antibiotics sometimes may lead to loose motions.If your tonsils are becoming frequent site of infection (recurrent tonsillitis), your doctor may advise you to go for tonsillectomy.