I’m sitting here at my dads he said I was

Patient: I’m sitting here at my dads he said I was not allowed to call for any medical help till I go back home as he don’t like me doing it at his but I have palpitations a tight chest keep feeling sick got hot flushes and my heart and breathing feel awful and I’m a dialysis patient advise me please but I have no way to contact or go to any emergency medical help place and I’m wheelchair bound and my dad had my chair

Doctor: Hi.Read and understood your history.You are a dialysis patient, wheelchair bound and Dad has your chair.Now that you have palpitations, a tight chest keep, you keep feeling sick, got hot flushes and your heart and breathing feel awful.I am still in a quandary to understand why not?Why is he not allowing?Are you on any heart medicines? If yes, have taken them?Have these problems developed now or-or are recurrent?Well, you need to call the Emergency or attend ER and get a clinical evaluation done and treated accordingly.If I would have know the history and findings in detailed, I would have given you some medicines but I do not have your medical records and most of the medicines you would need are prescription based.Please give me feedback.