I’m suffering Please Help

Patient: I got an itchy body skin allergy and it’s on a worst level and fungi on my testicles i’ve been using treatment for nearly the 7th day and the itching got worst till it wakes me up from my sleep what shall i do i’ve been taking a lot of treatments and this thing itchy till death i don’t know what to do sometimes i feel like crying Please Help

Symptoms: No.

Doctor: You should visit a good Dermatologist in your area for a proper treatment schedule. Usually such fungal infections are r ecurrent and require a prolonged phase of maintenance therapy. Apart from medical therapy, you should take proper precautions while washing your undergarments. Soak them in hot water for half an hour before washing with a detergent and then put them to dry in sun (INSIDE OUT). Do not share garments with friends or siblings and avoid wearing tight underwears. You should also maintain proper personal hygeine by taking bath regularly. All the best!