I’m taking Ashlyna for birth control I’m reaching the end

Patient: I’m taking Ashlyna for birth control. I’m reaching the end of my pack, this week is my scheduled period and I just have the yellow pills left. It’s my understanding that I’m supposed to take the yellow pills during my period week. My question was if it was okay not to take the yellow pills and just start a new pack after my scheduled period week was over? I won’t be sexually active for about 17 days. My main concern is having the birth control active again by the 19th of October. I had taken plan B prior to the week that I was first starting birth control and it interfered with one of the earlier scheduled periods for this pack. I’d like to just get through this period week and have a bit of a “reset” with the new pack. The main thing that I want to know is that my birth control will be active by the 19th of October if I skip the yellow pills this week for my scheduled period and start a new pack of birth control the following Sunday (10/9/16).Thanks in advance.

Doctor: Hello. Thanks for the query.The yellow pill contains estrogen which has to be taken for 7 days. It should not be m issed as it is also an essential hormone in your menstrual cycle. By not taking this you will again be interrupting the pattern of bleeding as well as the ovulation.If you stop it, it can again lead to hormonal imbalances and can reduce the efficiency of the contraception pills. Hence do not alter any of the dosage in this regard. You may experience spotting, heavy bleeding or no bleeding at all in case of any changes made in the pack.Hope this helpsRegards

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Patient: So I should be taking the yellow pill during my last period week of the pack?

Patient: That’s my only remaining question, do I take the yellow pills during my last period week of the pack?

Doctor: Yes.
You will have to take them as scheduled