I’m vegan and my triglyceride levels are high normal. Why?

Patient: Hi, I recently had a blood test and most of my results were good – iron, b12, calcium, Vit D, cholestoral, thyroid, etc. However, my triglycerides were 2.2 which is supposed to be borderline high. Apparently this has a lot to do with diet. However, I have been vegan for a year, and vegetarian for about 12 years. I eat very little vegetable oil (maybe eat something fried probably once every month or so), I dont drink much. I’m not overweight (about 130 pounds, 5’4″) I was wondering what is likely to be causing my triglycerides to be high? I’m female and 27 years old

Doctor: You should cut down on sweets because it can also elevate triglycerides. Excess carbohydrates (sugar) will be converted d to fat, If you are a vegetarian for the longest time, use vinaigrettes instead of cream-based dressings (ranch, Caesar) because the latter will also elevate triglyceride levels. Having a moderate regular exercise regimen is also wise. Canola oil and olive oil are the 2 healthiest cooking oils; try using these instead. I commend you for eating healthy and please continue to do so. I wish you well always and take care.